The 5 Tallest Condo Projects in Toronto (Currently)

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Condos in Toronto are reaching show-stopping new heights as developers aim to meet the ever-increasing demand for residential units while creating breathtaking additions to the city’s skyline. Toronto’s current tallest residential building, Aura, consists of 80 stories of sculptured glass and stone on the corner of Yonge and Gerrard Street, housing 272 meters of undeniable prestige and luxury. However, with many new projects in the pre-planning or construction stages, Aura is set to lose its title of Toronto’s tallest condo building in the next few years, as more and more structures are proposed at 300 meters or more. This is sure to transform Toronto’s skyline while providing an array of luxurious homes with breathtaking city views.

So let’s take a look at the five tallest condo projects in Toronto.

1. 8 Elm Street – 80 stories, 259 meters

architectureWhile this Condo will not break the record of Toronto’s tallest building, it will undoubtedly be a striking addition to the skyline of the city. 8 Elm Street is currently in preconstruction in downtown Toronto. The tower will be tall, slender and simply stunning at 259 meters tall with a frontage of just 19.97 meters, accommodating three levels of commercial use and 469 residential suites. As well as breathtaking city views, residents will benefit from indoor and outdoor amenities as well as a convenient and desirable location on the Bay Street corridor, within walking distance of hospitals, schools, transit options and more. 8 Elm Street may not be Toronto’s tallest condo, but it definitely comes close and promises to be a great place to live for those lucky enough to snap up a suite.

2. The One – 82 stories, 306 meters

At the time of its approval, The One was set to win first place for Toronto’s tallest building, and the first to qualify as ‘supertall’ (over 300 meters). The development is currently preconstruction at 1 Bloor Street West in Yorkville, promising an enviable location in downtown Toronto. The skyscraper will house eight stories of retail use as well as eight levels of underground parking and 560 luxury condo suites over the remaining floors. The tall height of the tower promises stunning city views stretching out as far as Lake Ontario, but that’s not all The One has to offer. Residents can enjoy an atrium, cleaning service, valet service, concierge, theatre room, gym, pilates room, spinning room, private pools, extra high ceilings and upscale retail and shops. They will also benefit from being close to all that downtown Toronto has to offer such as landmarks, attractions, restaurants, shopping malls and transit options. Prices will begin at $1,299 per square foot, ranging from $779,900 – $16,899,900 with expected occupancy in early 2023. No compromises have been made in the design and development of The One, promising the highest level of luxury living right up into the clouds.

3. Forma Condos – 92 stories, 305 meters

buildingsWhile Forma Condos won’t take the title of Toronto’s tallest building, the condos will be one of the first ‘supertall’ buildings in the city. The residence will be compromised of two towers with one standing at 92 stories and 305 meters tall, and the other at 275 meters with 82 stories. The development in currently preconstruction and will be located in King Street’s arts and entertainment district. As well as residential units, it will house retail, commercial, cultural and educational spaces. The exterior has been designed to look striking while fitting in with the texture of the neighborhood, with the two towers having very distinctive designs which complement each other well. The interior will consist of undeniable luxury, perfect finishes, and breathtaking city views due to its height. The development aims to transform King Street into a thriving, livable, urban community with an address that residents will look forward to going home to every night. This is one skyscraper that will definitely be worth the wait.

4. Prestige Condos – 95 stories, 307 meters

Pinnacle International’s new condo development is located at 1 Yonge Street. Prestige will feature three residential towers and two office towers, with the tallest being residential at 95 stories and 307 meters, just a meter taller than The One. The towers will house 3885 modern, spacious residential suites as well as commercial retail and office space, and three stories of real estate. As well as incredible city views, residents will be treated to a breathtaking level of luxury as well as desirable amenities including a fully-equipped fitness center, public courtyard and more. The location is highly convenient, close to the Union and King Stations as well as plenty of schools and restaurants. Prices are estimated to be upwards of $1,000 per square foot, but it certainly looks like it will be worth the money for the views alone, not to mention the luxury finishes and amenities.

5. YSL – 344 meters, 98 stories

Despite several new developments competing to be the tallest in the country, there’s one that’s set to beat them all: YSL at 391 Yonge Street. This new development is currently preconstruction and will be a 344-meter tower with a total of 98 stories, housing 957 residential units as well as retail and office space. The glassy exterior is smooth and sleek – something subtle yet beautiful which makes a significant impact. The luxury suites will range from studios to three-bedroom, and 538 square feet to well over 2000 square feet for penthouse suites, catering to working professionals as well as families. The desirable amenities will spread over indoor and outdoor areas over several floors, and the dream location is close to restaurants, landmarks, schools, hospitals and transit options making it extremely convenient. The building will be a landmark, elevating residents with unrivaled city views and no compromise on design, amenities or location.
If you love tall buildings, then you have a lot to look forward to! While all of the above are tall, they also offer luxurious interiors, great amenities and enviable locations, providing desirable new homes for Torontonians.

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